How to Create a Content Calendar

Posting daily can be challenging, even if you are using a social media managing website. Once you find a social media managing website, half the battle is done!

What’s the other half? It’s creating a content calendar!

A content calendar is a written schedule of when and where you plan to publish upcoming content. Content calendars are usually a three-month plan that includes status updates, daily posts, planned promotional activities, upcoming launches/pieces, and more. They are also customizable, so if your businesses need you to prepare for other things or add things, you can do that in your calendar.

Content calendars don’t have to only be for social media! If you have a blog or podcast, this is a great tool to have and use. It allows you to plan for what you want to write or talk about and share with your viewers. This way you don’t have to struggle to remember what you wanted to talk about, you’ll have it written down and even have a few notes or sources to pull from.

For example, in our social media calendar, we have put in each holiday and important date so that we don’t forget important dates or relevant moments!

Think About Your Audience

If you are a skincare brand, then creating a post about what color matches best with certain undertones may confuse your audience. It isn’t really something that they are looking to you for.

Creating a document such as a content calendar allows you to put more thought into your posts, blogs, and videos. You can create a section where you talk/write about who your average customer is and track your posts’ analytics. You can then craft your future content around what has worked and who you know is following you and consuming your content!


Creating and using a content calendar allows everyone on your team and in your company to know what the social posts will be for the week and enable them to give suggestions on what they think will work.

It is an excellent at-a-glance document that your team members can refer to not only the weekly social posts, but also what events are upcoming, what product launches are happening, and what hashtags are associated and used with your brand.

It keeps everyone on the same page!

Stay Consistent

Research has shown the 42% of people better achieve their goals when they write them down.

By planning out your content, you have a firm understanding of what you write and talk about, but it also allows you to keep your content consistent. You won’t have to try and remember if you already posted about a particular topic, it will be written down!

You also take the guesswork out of your content! Content calendars help organize your thoughts, and you no longer need to search the internet to figure out your next post! You do most of the work upfront and then refer back to your calendar each week.

Content Calendar Templates

Now, you understand how important a content calendar, you may be wondering how to go about creating one.

The beautiful thing about a content calendar is that it can look however you want. It just needs to be readable to yourself and anyone else who may be looking at it.

There are also many free templates out there!

These are just a few free content calendar templates:

    1. Hubspot
      • She[empowers] uses this one. It’s easy to use and navigate. It’s color-coded, which I appreciate, and allows you to tweak it to your brand’s needs.
    2. Coschedule
      • They have everything from a blog calendar, marketing calendar, to a marketing suite, all ranging at different prices, from a one-woman show to a large enterprise.
    3.  Editorial Calendar
      • This is a plugin for WordPress, so great if you run your website on WordPress! It’s free and an easy drag-and-drop. While convenient, if you already use WordPress, it does need you to have posts already scheduled. 

Content calendars help businesses to stay organized, collaborate with each other, and create content that they know their audience will appreciate!

If you need help creating a content calendar or managing your social media she[Empowers] is here to help you. Send us an email at or message us to get a free 30 minute consultation.

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