she[EMPOWERS] is a consulting and marketing company that focuses on helping female entrepreneurs.

Started in 2018, she[EMPOWERS] is an organization that empowers and promotes female-businesses. Our founder, Jameela, started this company because she was seeing other product-based businesses, like hers, in Calgary struggling to grow.

Jameela believes that the path to female equality is through economic empowerment and that we can all support each other to make the dream of equality a reality.  She wanted to use her expertise and knowledge of eCommerce and marketing to help female business owners not only survive but strive in Calgary’s market and elsewhere. So here she[EMPOWERS] is! To help female business owners reach their full potential.

she[EMPOWERS] offers a range of consulting and marketing services, from Social Media Marketing to Customer Journey Mapping. Visit our services page or contact us today!

Our Team

Jameela Ghann
she[EMPOWERS] Founder

Jameela started out working for a market researching company and then created a (now successful) jewelry business with her mom in 2007. She worked on the social media side and with her mom and partner was able to build Alora into a successful eCommerce business.

Her expertise lies in helping Shopify store owners optimize conversions and helping owners bring in the right traffic through targeted ads. She understands that running an online store can be difficult as there are so many things to consider.

Social Media Manager

Akilah went to Olds College to study fashion marketing in 2011. She has found that while you may take a slightly different approach when marketing fashion, the principles of marketing stay the same when you move into eCommerce.

A recent addition to the she[EMPOWERS] team, she has extensive experience in product marketing and product photography. She has been working in social media marketing and Facebook ad management for 2 years. Additionally, she has a deep knowledge of content marketing and client management.